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Paul Donly (shuffler)(non-registered)
Some class Shots there Mike . Great site.Looking forward for the TT photos going up . Keep er lit mate.
Paul (shuffler)
Mike Yiend Motorsports
Hi Stu - hows it going? Cheers mate - hopefully the weather will cheer up and I can get some decent shots. I'm just starting to upload the Pre-TT stuff at the moment so stay tuned!
Stu Mandry(non-registered)
Hi Mike, remember me? Ex TRS in Worcester.
Great set of galleries. Looking forward to seeing 2014 TT pix. Cheers, Stu.
Mike Yiend Motorsports
Thanks Derek :)

Remember that Mondeo I got? 216000 miles and counting! Doing all these meetings really piles it on!
Derek Peacey(non-registered)
Excellent pics Mike! Very impressed
Mike Yiend Motorsports
Thanks Annette & Mitch - nice to know I'm hitting the spot!
Chris "BigMitch" Mitchell(non-registered)
Truly awesome shots Mike, Captured my Billown Post TT racing nicely #48.
Ive shared a link on my Facebook page :)
annette daykin(non-registered)
fab photos Mike ...........so clear well done that man xxx
Mike Yiend Motorsports
Cheers Simon. I'll be doing the whole TT including both Billown meetings, so look out for this year's stuff going up on the site
Wow the IOM pictures are fantastic. Keep it up I will be looking for pics from the 2013 TT.
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